Portland Beach Minimony With A Palm Bedecked Moon Gate

Chelsea and Aaron’s Portland beach minimony has us feeling all the feels. So many smiles and giggles between the tender sweet nothings captured by Lauryn Kay Photography. With a custom-built moon gate from Pacific Coast Floral Design adorned in a variety of dried palms, fluffy pampas and fresh orchids, this couple had the coastal ceremony backdrop of all coastal ceremony backdrops. While a Portland beach minimony wasn’t in their original wedding plans, Mariah Surat made the day even more special than the larger Oregon forest celebration they had first envisioned. They were able to spend a beautiful day along the oceanfront, soaking up togetherness in a relaxed, footloose setting where love and laughter took center stage. Join us as we fawn over their bohemian seaside nuptials below!

From the Photographer, Lauryn Kay Photography: If there is one thing couples learned in 2020, it’s how to pivot. When the pandemic forced Chelsea and Aaron to give up their plans and deposits for a forest wedding in Portland and start over, they looked to Pelican Brewing Company’s packages for couples whose weddings had been cancelled or downsized due to Covid-19 restrictions. Pelican’s incredible team of professionals led by Mariah Surat took the stress off of coordinating with multiple vendors during this complicated time by creating seamless packages for small elopements, leaving the betrothed to just enjoy their remaining engagement. And when it came time for the big day, the Pacific City venue had created an intimate wedding with seriously epic and ethereal vibes! We love the flash of modern whimsy reflected in the fantastic moongate custom-built for Pacific Coast Floral Design, replete with dried and fresh sun palms, tropical white flowers and pampas grass. The final touch? Chelsea’s rose quartz crystal placed under the moongate to soak up the energy of the sun, the wild beauty of the Oregon coast and—of course—all that love.

Portland Beach Minimony Palm Moongate
Portland Beach Minimony Palm Moongate

After a beautiful ceremony officiated by Carolyn of Oregon Beach Ceremonies and complete with a broom jumping in the sand, the couple headed to the waves with Lauryn Kay Photography to shoot some sweeping panoramas that look straight out of the dramatic romance movie of your dreams. Looking at Chelsea + Aaron embraced against the breathtaking view of Haystack Rock off of Cape Kiwanda, it’s hard to believe it could have been any other way. 

Portland Beach Minimony Palm Moongate
Portland Beach Minimony Palm Moongate

Chelsea shares more about how this turn of events turned out for the best:

We aren’t great planners, and Covid-19 brought a whole new level of uncertainty about what was going to happen. Everything was adding up quickly and we couldn’t really afford a wedding planner. I thought I would have to rely on the help of our families to do flowers and the decorating. Looking back on it now, I’m not sure what would have happened, but it probably would have been chaotic and stressful. The way the wedding ended up happening is so much better than if I had tried to do what I was planning. I’m so glad that Pelican Brewing Company saw what was happening and made these packages so that so many people could have their dream wedding without it being five figures.

Portland Beach Minimony Palm Moongate
Portland Beach Minimony Palm Moongate

My favorite moment from the wedding was taking the photos was really fun. So many people were watching during the ceremony that I don’t even know if I was totally listening. When it came time for the pictures, I was able to breathe. Aaron and I were truly together for the first time that day and we got to enjoy the excitement of: “We just did that!”

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Portland Beach Minimony Palm Moongate
Portland Beach Minimony Palm Moongate

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Pacific coast elopements often have us thinking of forest dinner settings or cliffside nuptials, but this beach minimony is snapping us back to reality and reminding us that oftentimes, the best solutions are right in front of us.

Wedding Vendors:
Photography: Lauryn Kay Photography
Venue: Pelican Brewing in Pacific City, Oregon
Event Design: Mariah Surat
Floral Design: Pacific Coast Floral Design
Bride’s Ring: Antoinette Jewelry
Hair and Makeup Artistry: Underwood Makeup
Officiant: Carolyn Greenwood from Oregon Beach Ceremonies
Wedding Gown: Lovers Society
Dress Boutique: Glamour Closet
Bride’s Shoes: Sanctuary Clothing