Maxine Waters released a report on same day as Roe v Wade claiming the DTCC ‘Waved 9.6B Collateral obligations’ for Robinhood Broker on Jan 27th 2021. 56


Maxine Waters was involved in the Congressional Hearing of Gamestop vs Robinhood back in Jan/Feb of 2021. After Robinhood forcefully turned off the Buy button but still let investors sell, the DTCC let Robinhood off the hook by Waiving 9.6$ Billion in Collateral obligations that Robinhood owed. More than Robinhood had at the time. Screwing over investors and denying them of a “free market”.

This report was released on the same day as the Roe Vs Wade Overturn and was overshadowed completely by the MSM. They don’t want you to see this.

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