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[su_quote]MercadoPago is a payment gateway for many Central and South America countries.[/su_quote]

This add-on for Easy Digital Downloads WordPress plugin will allow you to process payments through your MercadoPago account. Allows you to obtain the customers payments easily, faster and safely with the allowed methods into your Mercado Pago Account.

Support IPN ( Instant Payment Notifications ) on Basic Checkouts and WebHooks on Custom Checkouts for payment updates.

We are in no way related with MP. We only use their fabulous services offered for Central and South America countries.

MercadoPago protects the information that circulates from any device to the MercadoPago server, that is, it circulates in an encrypted way in order to meet the highest online security standards of today.

[su_row] [su_column size=”1/2″ center=”no” class=””][su_service title=”Basic Checkout” icon=”icon: credit-card” icon_color=”#009DE2″ size=”30″]Pay directly from MercadoPago, allows you to make payments in cash with available balance in the account, Pago Fácil and Rapipago. Also debit cards, credit cards and up to 2 credit cards. Compatible for EDD Software Licenses with manual payments.[/su_service][/su_column] [su_column size=”1/2″ center=”no” class=””][su_service title=”Custom Checkout” icon=”icon: id-card” icon_color=”#009DE2″ size=”30″]Make instant payments with credit cards through a form included on the same website. Compatible are EDD Software Licenses and EDD Recurring for automatic payment subscriptions, only with credit or debit cards.[/su_service][/su_column] [/su_row] [su_row] [su_column size=”1/2″ center=”no” class=””][su_service title=”Secure payments” icon=”icon: shield” icon_color=”#009DE2″ size=”30″]MercadoPago protects the customer information that circulates from any device to the MercadoPago server.[/su_service][/su_column] [su_column size=”1/2″ center=”no” class=””][su_service title=”Recurring payments” icon=”icon: refresh” icon_color=”#009DE2″ size=”30″]Compatible with EDD Recurring to make automated charges for products to customers on a regular basis, through the Custom Checkout.[/su_service][/su_column] [/su_row] [su_row] [su_column size=”1/2″ center=”no” class=””][su_service title=”Currency Conversion” icon=”icon: money” icon_color=”#009DE2″ size=”30″]Currency Conversions automatically managed by MercadoPago exchange rates. You can sell using the same currency as in MercadoPago or using a different currency in your store, during the buying process, the conversion will be done automatically.[/su_service][/su_column] [su_column size=”1/2″ center=”no” class=””][su_service title=”Mixed Checkouts” icon=”icon: cogs” icon_color=”#009DE2″ size=”30″]You could configure both, Basic and Custom checkouts from Mercado Pago as diferent Payment Gateways for EDD at the same time. This will allow your customers to pay with money in their MP accounts or make subscriptions with credit cards allowed by MP.[/su_service][/su_column] [/su_row] [su_row] [su_column size=”1/2″ center=”no” class=””][su_service title=”Make refunds from Mercado Pago” icon=”icon: money” icon_color=”#009DE2″ size=”30″]With Basic Checkout you’re allowed to make refunds from Mercado Pago account and stay in sync with their EDD payment status.[/su_service][/su_column] [su_column size=”1/2″ center=”no” class=””][su_service title=”Settings Page” icon=”icon: cogs” icon_color=”#009DE2″ size=”30″]Allows to configure API Key for the checkout types, and useful links for access to MercadoPago tutorials for test cards and creation of test users, etc.[/su_service][/su_column] [/su_row]

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