Hoehl’s Wellness Jewellery: The Power of the Earth

Hoehl’s Wellness Jewellery: The Power of the Earth

Hoehl’s Wellness Jewellery: The Power of the Earth

Sophie Hoehlinger was introduced to me by Frédéric Mane, the famous jewellery designer of Place Vendôme. Our meeting was in a magnificent hotel not far from the famous square: Le Meurice, renowned not only for its luxury and étoilé restaurants, but also because it used to be in the past the hotel of artists and thinkers. We can also say that the hotel itself is a real piece of art: its ancient opulence is so well harmonized with Philippe Starck chic and Salvador Dalì’s surrealism.

In this evocative and suggestive scenery, I met Sophie. She created her own Maison Hoehl’s after a career in the healthcare industry. This new adventure in the jewellery world is a real fusion between her engagement for the health and the passion for high jewellery and more particularly for precious stones. She chose this name for her Maison for two reasons: firstly, because it comes from her surname, but above-all because this term in German means “cave”, a place where you can find stones, discover treasures and awaken energies.

Sophie cultivated a passion for the stones since her childhood, and this love never left her. However, it was a big challenge for her to reconvert into the field of jewellery, learning new things and change her environment completely. But this was also an injection of energy and positive vibes like her wellness jewels. When she met Frédéric Mané, she already had a clear idea: create therapeutic and stylistically refined jewels. All the “Genesis” collection has been designed by Frédéric Mané in close collaboration with Sophie and the famous sculptor artist on precious materials Jothi Seroj.

As Sophie told me: “Frédéric and Jothi were the key pieces in transforming my concept jingle in a concert”. All the stones that Sophie employs for her jewels are raw stones fruit of great research.  Each jewel is unique and has its own story. The star of all her pieces is the stone, enhanced by the design and the setting. Each item of this fascinating collection corresponds to a chakra and has a protective function. There is a perfect coherence between the thaumaturgical properties of a jewel and the way it is set. The energies provided by minerals have a great influence on our body, and each stone has a particular vibratory wave that can penetrate our energy thresholds. Ancestral medicine such as Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine, lithotherapy uses stones and gems to heal human bodies and souls.

Therefore, I present here the collection…

Energy: an imperial Topaz set in Yellow Gold and Diamonds

Appeasement: a raw Colombian Emerald set with White Gold and Diamonds

Harmony: Aquamarine from Nigeria, Diamonds, White gold and Diamonds

Protection: Rutile from Madagascar, White Gold and Diamonds

Creativity: a wonderful Opal from Australia, White Gold and Diamonds

Creativity: with wonderful Tanzanite, White Gold and Diamonds

I really appreciated this collection: like magic batteries, these jewels are capable of recharging our spirit and body and strengthen our optimism in these troubled and transitory times.

Discover more @ Hoehl’s Wellness Jewellery

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Gaby Tarkanyi Maldonado: Not only a Sports Manager

Gaby Tarkanyi Maldonado: Not only a Sports Manager

Gaby Tarkanyi Maldonado: Not only a Sports Manager

Gabriela by name, but Gaby for those who have the pleasure of knowing her well. Born in Venezuela, right in her native country she began her studies, and at the same time at college she dedicated herself to her passion for singing, participating in the various competitions of the “School of Soloists”. She graduated in social communication with a mention in journalism. She started her career as an entrepreneur, founding the marketing and advertising company taking over important companies both in Venezuela and abroad.

An important professional path his, which in addition to the great professional satisfaction, will bring in his life his great love. It’s thanks to her work that she meets the man who will become her husband: The Formula One champion, Pastor Maldonado. She decides to work alongside him and follow the driver’s career, taking care of logistics and public relations within the world of Formula One. Her ever-increasing involvement in PR makes her further understand the importance of languages in the world of Formula One to the point of resuming her studies.

It was now clear to everyone that her professional future was clearly directed towards communication. The couple moved to the Principality of Monaco in 2011 for Formula One races, and despite travelling around the world on business, Monaco became their permanent home. In 2012 their first daughter, Victoria, a rising tennis star, arrives and her mother follows her as she had previously done with her husband.

Gaby is a sunny person, always looking for the positive side in the things she does and is constantly looking to improve herself; in fact, as a sportswoman, she dedicates at least one hour a day to training and taking care of the nutrition of the whole family. In 2017 she and her husband founded the Victory Luxury Homes company in Monaco, which buys, renovates and sells luxury properties and much more besides: they carry out the interior design until the flat is delivered with the collaboration of the best Italian Architects and Designers.

Ten Projects have already been developed, starting with Latin America for you to address the United States and now Europe. This challenge represents a great personal achievement for Gaby, being able to work with her family and not having to give up the fundamental role of mother of both Victoria, the eldest daughter, and Valentina, the latest addition to the Maldonado family. Once again with her husband, she founded the financial, real estate and business management company called GPM Group. It is a family office responsible for family wealth management.  The secret of this family that shares activities, hobbies etc… has always been teamwork and we are certain that this successful woman, mother, wife and entrepreneur will follow the career of the young but talented Victoria, and we are cheering her on.

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Loving and honouring you every day… ”In the Name of Love”

Loving and honouring you every day… ”In the Name of Love”

Loving and honouring you every day… ”In the Name of Love”

The woman, on her most beautiful and most important day: the day of her “yes” on which she returns to being a sensual romantic expressing all her femininity. Femininity and sweetness that opens and softens the male heart, femininity that reunites us with the “mother” force that is creative and generating.

She who is the soul of the house, who works and takes care of the needs of the family, who expresses her love in so many ways and so many aspects in a relaxing moment with a cocktail in her hand she confronts herself and finds herself (we are so sweetly complicated, more and more excited and delicate) are the words of a beautiful song by the singer Fiorella Mannoia. I wanted to tell through this shooting a small part of the Woman’s universe, together with great professionals in the sector.

The mix created was simply perfect: the splendid city of Lugano was chosen as the setting, full of charm, with wonderful corners. A beautiful Hotel with a simply unique style. Then we added three beautiful models, wonderful dresses, a great make-up artist, a renowned Wedding expert, a flower designer and a great Art Director. All this was skilfully “shaken up” by communication of international level.

The photoshoot took place in the most beautiful and characteristic corners of Splendida Lugano. There was no lack of curious and admirers who took advantage between one pose and another, to take some selfie and some photos of the beautiful models. After the outdoor shooting, the team went to the hotel were surrounded by futuristic and surreal design. The second part of the service took shape with the shooting in the bar area, in the various spaces of the structure and then ended, last but not least, in the kitchen with the chefs who, among beautiful shots, welcomed the team with a pinch of humour and a lot of sympathies that is certainly very welcome these days.

Thanks go to all those who have made this possible: Irene Trucco great Make-Up Artist, a woman with a great personality, who makes up and gives light to the soul of every bride. Patrizia Dani  Wedding Planner, has managed the coordination and care of all the details, a great expert in wedding, we can consider her “Friend” of the brides.

Beautiful flowers signed by the flower designer Massimo Giudici with his bouquets and his arrangements that for years now have been the setting for beautiful weddings and events. Carmelo Spina, renowned and established Hairstylist who, as Art Director, has masterfully managed everything.

The brides wore the beautiful dress of Carmine de Santis – Alvarez, the perfect vision of femininity and romanticism in a modern key. Great sobriety and exclusivity in the high tailoring of excellence.

In this scenery, the most suitable and appropriate location for the “Fil Rouge” of the shooting is the prestigious Hotel Lugano Dante, one of the excellencies in Lugano, thanks to the meticulous work of Director Carlo Fontana.

Wonderful structure without compromise with the banal architectural schemes of the Hotellerie. The Hotel welcome the team in a magical and surreal open space with a global and international touch. A special thanks to the Hotel’s entire team for their hospitality, warm welcome and availability.

An appointment that will be full of new projects and many surprises in the world of fashion and Luxury & Lifestyle.

Edit by Massimo Basile