{Photographer Blog} Capture the Splendor and Romance of Your Wedding with Violet Invitations 

Having a sophisticated wedding doesn’t mean that has to be boring, you can try to capture the splendor and romance of your wedding with violet invitations. Your wedding invites should be just as unique and beautiful as you are. Let us have a look our professional photographer – Sarah how to capture the splendor and romance.


Hi! I’m Sarah! I’m a Harry Potter nerd located in Provo, Utah, and one of my favorite things is to plan and photograph weddings.

I love my job because I get to meet and photograph the most amazing couples! Everyone deserves gorgeous photos on their wedding day, and I would be honored to help capture your love story.

Instagram @sarahlaynephotoanddesign

#Violet Tones for Wedding Ideas

The violet tones evoke images of a grand ballroom with majestic staircases. Couples twirl in the candlelight, dressed in ball gowns of deep purple, royal blue, and wine red. The groom gazes into the eyes of his beautiful bride, and for just a moment, it feels as if they are the only two people in the room.

intriguing luxury shade of purple wedding color ideas

Photo Credits: elegantweddinginvites; sarahlaynephotoanddesign

8 Fabulous Purple Wedding Colors Trends for 2020/2021

Romance meets elegance in this beautiful invitation suite that’s fit for a queen.

This invitation is handcrafted to perfectly complement the design of your luxury wedding. The floral laser cut is delicate, intricate, and precise. And the magnificent, watercolor flowers come together to create a spectacle that will leave you feeling like royalty.

Romance meets elegance in this beautiful invitation suite that’s fit for a queen.

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The color scheme and grand design make this invitation suite perfect for your luxury spring wedding. Whether your wedding takes place in a grand ballroom or a vast, royal garden, this invitation is sure to transport your guests to a world of nobility, grace, and charm.

purple color grand design invitation suite perfect for luxury spring wedding ideas

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#Last but not least

Having a sophisticated wedding doesn’t mean that your design has to be boring. Your wedding invitation should be just as unique and beautiful as you are.

And this invitation suite is sure to capture the splendor and romance of your love with its elegant style.

shade of purple wedding invitation suite to capture the splendor romance of your love

Photo Credits: elegantweddinginvites; sarahlaynephotoanddesign

8 Stunning Wedding Colors in Shades of Purple

Mentioned Wedding Invitations

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{Designer Blog}Tips of Adults-Only Wedding Invitation Etiquette

We always find it is very difficult that deciding whether to invite children to your wedding! Children cry, run, draw attention from the bride to themselves and spoil luxurious dresses and cakes with enviable stubbornness.
Let’s hear our  professional designers Lana whether have a better tips s of Adults-only wedding invitation etiquette.

{Graphic Designer- Lana Shamshurina}

She paint in oils, create illustrations for microstocks and creative marketplaces, and work as a graphic designer. And all the time she will find something new and interesting for herself, including one of her areas of work – creating designs for wedding invitations and greeting cards.

Instagram @lanasham_art

{Details of the Post}

#1 Tell Guests Your Rules

How can you be sure that all guests know about it?

  1. Address your invitations correctly, using only the names of people without the dubious and faceless “guest”. Do this in such a way that the recipient understands that the invitations are personal and personal.
  2. Without any excuses or excuses, write in short words that children cannot be brought to the event in your wedding inviation wordings. You don’t have to explain something to someone, your holiday is your rules.

blush shimmer laser cut sleeve with classic invitation and glittery backer EWWS240

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#2 Emphasize it on Website

Also, make sure that the “adults only” condition is written on your wedding website, if available. If any of the guests stubbornly plans to bring a child with them, contact the person personally.

Here it is already possible to tactfully explain the reason for the ban on children. It is important to emphasize that you will still be glad to see a guest, but only without the kids.

useful Adults only Wedding Invitation wordins tips

#3 Hire Animator or Nanny

If your budget is sufficient, and some of your guests may have children who simply have no one to leave with.

Shouldn’t you refuse to hold a wedding because the guests can’t come?

In this case, it is worth hiring an animator or nanny so that the children are in a separate room and do not disturb either you or their parents.

Last But Not Least

The main thing in any invitation is that you yourself would be pleased to design and send them to guests.

Whatever questions you are concerned about, remember that a wedding is your day, which should go the way you and your beloved want it. You are arranging a holiday not for guests, but for yourself.

Everything is in your hands, make this day wonderful!

blush shimmer laser cut sleeve with classic invitation and glittery backerblush shimmer laser cut sleeve with classic invitation and glittery backeruseful Adults only Wedding Invitation wordins tips

Mentioned Wedding Invitations

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{Planner Vlog} Easily Overlooked Things in Wedding Invitation Wordings

{Planner Vlog} Easily Overlooked Things in Wedding Invitation Wordings

All Professional Videoswedding ideas

There are lots of things that you should (obviously) include in your wedding invitations, but there are also lots that may easily get overlooked! Include more information, than you think that you might need, on your invitations! Let’s check our professional wedding planner tricia talk about Easily Overlooked Things—the location of your wedding, and we don’t just mean physical location.

{Wedding Planner- Tricia Bachewich}

Hi! I am Tricia, the lead planner and owner of Tricia Bachewich Events, a boutique wedding planning company in Winnipeg, which was established in 2016.


{Vlog- Easily Overlooked Things in Wedding Invitation Wordings}

Wedding Invitations Mentioned in Video: EWWS299

{Details of Vlog}

Hi Guys! My name is Tricia, I am the owner and lead planner of Tricia Bachewich Events.

We understand how difficult write wordings for wedding cards. You want to write a lot, but you always forget some important things.
Today we want to share some tips about the location of your wedding with you, hope it can make it just a bit easier!

#Tips for You

  1. If you are hosting your wedding in a field, or a backyard, include that in your wedding stationaries! Guests will need to dress appropriately and stilettos in a field just wouldn’t work.
  2. If you are preparing a cash bar, mention it in your wedding invitation suit! Your guests will need to know to bring cash so they can purchase their drinks throughout the evening. A lot of reception venues don’t have an ATM onsite, which may end up resulting in them leaving early.
  3. If you are paying for entertainment later in the evening (like a band or photobooth), you may have quite a few guests that aren’t around for those items if they are ill prepared. Therefore, it is necessary to declare it in your wedding cards!

# Lastly Recommendation- Foil Wedding Invitations 

Thanks again for following along with our wedding planning tips! Here are foiled vellum wedding invitations.

modern custom brushed foil vellum wedding invitations EWFI033 rose gold foil we do calligraphy wedding invitation on vellum paper EWFI030

More foiled wedding invitations

Mentioned Wedding Invitations

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Portland Beach Minimony With A Palm Bedecked Moon Gate

Chelsea and Aaron’s Portland beach minimony has us feeling all the feels. So many smiles and giggles between the tender sweet nothings captured by Lauryn Kay Photography. With a custom-built moon gate from Pacific Coast Floral Design adorned in a variety of dried palms, fluffy pampas and fresh orchids, this couple had the coastal ceremony backdrop of all coastal ceremony backdrops. While a Portland beach minimony wasn’t in their original wedding plans, Mariah Surat made the day even more special than the larger Oregon forest celebration they had first envisioned. They were able to spend a beautiful day along the oceanfront, soaking up togetherness in a relaxed, footloose setting where love and laughter took center stage. Join us as we fawn over their bohemian seaside nuptials below!

From the Photographer, Lauryn Kay Photography: If there is one thing couples learned in 2020, it’s how to pivot. When the pandemic forced Chelsea and Aaron to give up their plans and deposits for a forest wedding in Portland and start over, they looked to Pelican Brewing Company’s packages for couples whose weddings had been cancelled or downsized due to Covid-19 restrictions. Pelican’s incredible team of professionals led by Mariah Surat took the stress off of coordinating with multiple vendors during this complicated time by creating seamless packages for small elopements, leaving the betrothed to just enjoy their remaining engagement. And when it came time for the big day, the Pacific City venue had created an intimate wedding with seriously epic and ethereal vibes! We love the flash of modern whimsy reflected in the fantastic moongate custom-built for Pacific Coast Floral Design, replete with dried and fresh sun palms, tropical white flowers and pampas grass. The final touch? Chelsea’s rose quartz crystal placed under the moongate to soak up the energy of the sun, the wild beauty of the Oregon coast and—of course—all that love.

Portland Beach Minimony Palm Moongate
Portland Beach Minimony Palm Moongate

After a beautiful ceremony officiated by Carolyn of Oregon Beach Ceremonies and complete with a broom jumping in the sand, the couple headed to the waves with Lauryn Kay Photography to shoot some sweeping panoramas that look straight out of the dramatic romance movie of your dreams. Looking at Chelsea + Aaron embraced against the breathtaking view of Haystack Rock off of Cape Kiwanda, it’s hard to believe it could have been any other way. 

Portland Beach Minimony Palm Moongate
Portland Beach Minimony Palm Moongate

Chelsea shares more about how this turn of events turned out for the best:

We aren’t great planners, and Covid-19 brought a whole new level of uncertainty about what was going to happen. Everything was adding up quickly and we couldn’t really afford a wedding planner. I thought I would have to rely on the help of our families to do flowers and the decorating. Looking back on it now, I’m not sure what would have happened, but it probably would have been chaotic and stressful. The way the wedding ended up happening is so much better than if I had tried to do what I was planning. I’m so glad that Pelican Brewing Company saw what was happening and made these packages so that so many people could have their dream wedding without it being five figures.

Portland Beach Minimony Palm Moongate
Portland Beach Minimony Palm Moongate

My favorite moment from the wedding was taking the photos was really fun. So many people were watching during the ceremony that I don’t even know if I was totally listening. When it came time for the pictures, I was able to breathe. Aaron and I were truly together for the first time that day and we got to enjoy the excitement of: “We just did that!”

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Portland Beach Minimony Palm Moongate
Portland Beach Minimony Palm Moongate

Head to the opposite coast with us next as we reminisce on this rattan-filled elopement with breathtaking views to complement the refined palm decor.

Pacific coast elopements often have us thinking of forest dinner settings or cliffside nuptials, but this beach minimony is snapping us back to reality and reminding us that oftentimes, the best solutions are right in front of us.

Wedding Vendors:
Photography: Lauryn Kay Photography
Venue: Pelican Brewing in Pacific City, Oregon
Event Design: Mariah Surat
Floral Design: Pacific Coast Floral Design
Bride’s Ring: Antoinette Jewelry
Hair and Makeup Artistry: Underwood Makeup
Officiant: Carolyn Greenwood from Oregon Beach Ceremonies
Wedding Gown: Lovers Society
Dress Boutique: Glamour Closet
Bride’s Shoes: Sanctuary Clothing

Seasonal Wreath Inspiration From Top Florists Around The World

Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas! That’s what we’ve learned as the seasonal wreath inspiration we’re sharing today started flooding our feeds throughout the past 10 months.. and it’s only October! From rich ombre blooms to wispy branch halos to silk + velvet accents, these wreaths were made to be admired by the masses.

Photo + florals by Johnny Crows Garden
Seasonal Wreath Inspiration Top Florists
Photo + florals by Aesme Studio
Ingredients: Strawflowers, limonium, muscari, hydrangea, delphiniums, garden roses, wild carrot, fennel and poppy heads, nigella pods
Seasonal Wreath Inspiration Top Florists
Photo + florals by Sole Moon Studio

Can we talk about how perfect this tulip-clad number in a rhapsody of blues would be a fitting decor piece for Easter fetes?!

Seasonal Wreath Inspiration Top Florists
Photo + florals by Passion Flowers by Emma Spowage
Seasonal Wreath Inspiration Top Florists
Photo + florals by Johnny Crows Garden
Includes: Hot Chocolate roses, with Crocosmia lucifer, zinnias, dahlias and chocolate Physocarpus leaves
Seasonal Wreath Inspiration Top Florists
Photo + florals by Da Fiori Design
Seasonal Wreath Inspiration Top Florists
Photo + florals by Sole Moon Studio

Sunflower perfection in this complex, yet effortlessly beautiful seasonal wreath inspiration from Korean florist Sole Moon Studio!

Seasonal Wreath Inspiration Top Florists
Photo + florals by Moss & Stone Floral Design
Seasonal Wreath Inspiration Top Florists
Photo + florals by Sole Moon Studio

Who knew floral wreaths could be so powerful! These have so many uses in home decor during holiday seasons, but never underestimate the statements they could make in your wedding designs! Adorning the grand doorways as guests enter your ceremony, festooning your getaway car with romantic signage, gracing the neck of your special Dog of Honor… the list goes on! We’d love to see the floral wreaths you’ve been bookmarking lately. Share with us in the comments below!

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Cover photo + florals by Aesme Studio

A Hops Inspired Wedding At A Forth Worth Brewery

Julie and Matt’s hops inspired wedding paid homage to a shared passion and their very first date! With florals taking their cues from a palette of plum, magenta ruby and sky, Wedfully Yours wove a tapestry of floor to ceiling blooms with a thoughtful architectural core. Shannon Rose Events ensured the key moments of the day were spent in bliss and revelry as J+M’s story was told through stylistic vignettes including hops-etched paper goods, engraved pint glasses and a classic car with hops-infused swag! This joyful day was captured with charm and grace by Kate Pease Photography, and we can’t wait for you to see the gallery unfold below!

Like many modern couples, Julie and Matt met online. And after messaging back and forth, they decided to meet at a local brew house—a location that would prove to be quite meaningful to them. The first date nerves soon melted away, and they made plans to see each other more. Five years in to their relationship, Matt hatched up an elaborate proposal, that included pints of Julie’s favorite ice cream, views of the fountains in Sundance Square, and a stunning sapphire engagement ring.

The original plan was a wedding at a Dallas brewery, but the pandemic had other plans when the venue was no longer able to host the event. We had to consider other options. The couple’s two non-negotiables were a brewery wedding and that brewery had to be downtown so out-of-town guests could enjoy the city as a destination.

Hops Inspired Wedding Fortworth Brewery

We looked at countless options, but none were able to accommodate the guest count and wedding date. That’s when we decided that Century Hall would be the best route. Although it’s not a brewery, it is in the heart of Fort Worth—just a few blocks from where they got engaged. And with some creativity, we were able to create the feeling the bride and groom were after.

Since Julie is an architect, we bonded over our love of architecture and design. She wanted to work with someone that could take her ideas and make them even better than she originally anticipated. It was an amazing and collaborative experience designing this wedding for that reason.

Hops Inspired Wedding Fortworth Brewery

The look of the wedding began with beer. Specifically, hops. The bride loved the idea of a hop-infused celebration that was laid-back but still elegant. Without getting too thematic, we knew beer would be a key player. I studied hops and how beer is made, and took inspiration from there. Their monogram featured line-drawn hops, and in addition to gracing the stationery, it was also etched into beer glasses given to guests as they arrived at the reception. Since hops grows on trellises, we built a metal structure covered with the plant and other greenery, and affixed bottle openers also customized with the monogram that doubled as favors and escort cards (thanks to a die-cut hops card with guests’ names and table numbers).

Hops Inspired Wedding Fortworth Brewery

Hops, in artistic variations and actuality, was layered throughout the wedding without being overdone. To brighten and soften up the industrial look of the venue, we worked with a color palette of blues, burgundies, and purples, using hints of black and wood tones to keep it modern. Julie loves orchids, so we made sure to include those in her bouquet and the reception centerpieces.

The ceremony was a celebration of color and a focal point of the day. It took place amidst an organic installation of vibrant flowers that gave guests their first taste of how the location would be transformed. At the reception, the raw space was dressed with greenery and an indoor beer garden was created—its mix of low and high cocktail tables served as an area for guests to grab a pint and mingle.

Hops Inspired Wedding Fortworth Brewery

After enjoying an evening with their loved ones (sipping on their favorite beverage), the newlyweds exited amidst a sea of metallic streamers, driving off in a classic car, covered with what else? A bumper of hops!

If you consider yourself enough of a beer aficionado to have a hops inspired wedding yourself, don’t miss this woodsy bohemian wedding with a beer stein seating chart next!

Wedding Vendors:
Coordinator: Shannon Rose Events
Ceremony & Reception Venue: Century Hall
Hair: Vandy Cespedes
Makeup: Jones Beauty Co.
Photography: Kate Pease Photography
Cinema: BSR Wedding Films
DJ: Dan Quinn Entertainment
Catering: CN Catering
Florist: Wedfully Yours
Cake: Crème De La Crème
Bar Rental: Lone Star Bubbles and Brews
Rentals: POSH Couture Rentals
Linens: BBJ Linen
Valet: Advantage Valet
Exit Car: DFW Vintage Cars
Officiant: Benny Vaughn
Paper Items: Brown Fox Creative
Gown: Hayley Paige
Wedding Submission Services: Published + Pretty

Southern Floral Filled Fête With Hand Painted Details

Love is in the details, and this Texas wedding shows us just that! Robbi and Ryan had a vision in mind for their wedding day: soft, delicate pastel tones evocative of a garden party in the spring with personalized, modern twists with a fresh take elegantly put together by Epoch Co + Events. From the hand-painted bridal shoes and matching pocket square to the table names representing the couple’s favorite places, hand-painted details gave every aspect of the day an artful and heartfelt touch. Thorn Floral brought the romance to life with bright blooms, and Courtney Leigh Photography elegantly captured every meaningful moment in her beautiful imagery. Prepare to fall deeply in love in the full gallery.

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That Wedding Moment When You’re About to Cut Your Wedding Cake

Keeping up with our “That [Wedding] Moment When…” series, today we’re going to dig into the sweetest part of the big day: your wedding cake and your cake-cutting ceremony. You don’t have to have one, but we’ll be the first to say that it’s a nice tradition that fortunately doesn’t have any contentions or controversy around it. Unless, of course, you want a buttercream-frosted start to your sweet life forever and your partner would prefer to toast to your new chapter with a tower of glazed or chocolate-covered doughnuts… Either way, once you’ve come to a decision on what kind of confection will star in your cake-cutting celebration, you’ll want to turn your attention to the cake table accessories. From the wedding cake topper to the serving set, these pieces complete the delicious display, adding other visual points of interest for your playful photographs. 

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A Gorgeous Grape-Filled Summer Evening in California’s Wine Country

If you fancy yourself a wine aficionado, then today’s summer wedding in Sonoma is right up your alley. The darling couple infused the beauty of wine country into just about every detail you can imagine – from a color palette alive with the prettiest shades from rose to cabernet, to witty vino-inspired welcome signs and escort displays. Jenn Robirds Events along with The Posh Posey behind the blooms brought their dream day to life, overflowing with personalized touches. Don’t forget to take a sip of the full gallery captured by Ash Baumgartner, where every image is sure to age, as they say, like a fine wine. 

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Willowbank Mansion Gives Canadian Couples A Chance For A Local ‘Destination Wedding’

Planning, Design, Coordination: Nóbl Events / Photography: Lisa Vigliotta Photography / Videography & AV: SDE Weddings / Venue Location: Willowbank Mansion / Invitations & Stationery: Olumis Calligraphy / Flowers: Evyrose Designs / Cake Design & Creation: Sweet Celebrations / Lingerie, Bridal Accessories & Wedding Dress: Feather and Pearl / Table, Chairs, Tabletop & Linens: Simply Beautiful Decor / Makeup: Allyssa Helm Beauty & Co. / Hair: NZFSalon / Model Bride: Rachel Plato / Model Groom: Jesse Walker / Groom’s Attire: Tiger of Sweden / Groomswear: Eightywingold / Specialty Vendor: Niagara Dove Release