Pottery Barn Sold A $104 Literal Tree Branch As A Cyber Monday Deal | News Break

Pottery Barn Sold A 4 Literal Tree Branch As A Cyber Monday Deal | News Break


Pottery Barn offered a product in their Cyber Monday sale that raised eyebrows due to the fact that it is literally just a fake tree branch hanging from a string.

The branch, which lights up but does not come with batteries, was sold at a sale price on Monday of $104, discounted from $142, and has now been lowered even further to $88.99.

A writer from USA Today’s “Reviewed” skewered the product as “the worst Cyber Monday deal” they’ve ever seen.

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dollars for a branch

This branch is named “Pre-Lit Hanging Faux Pine Branch” and it is 49 inches long with 50 lights that, again, require you to buy three AAA batteries for it to work.


This “deal” prompted people to take the #potterybarnchallenge to a new level, and one woman joked to her husband about getting the branch, who sweetly just went along with it.

Some people created their own branch on a string for a much lower price.

If you’re looking for a branch that is slightly less expensive, Pottery Barn offers a few other options that aren’t (quite) $88 — for example, this single branch is on sale for $31.50.


This set of three mini pinecone branches are at a “limited time offer” price of $82.50 (no strings included, though — you must buy your own…which might get you pretty close to $88, actually).


And of course, you may have this set of six faux pinecone and twig branches for the price of $299 — this one has yet to go on sale, but you never know what the season may bring.


This Gig In California Pays $1800 For Simply Having Perfect Teeth | News Break

This Gig In California Pays 00 For Simply Having Perfect Teeth | News Break


A production company in California is looking for people with perfect teeth for an upcoming shoot in Los Angeles and it could make you a nice little stash of cash.

Into The Forest is casting for a dental product shoot , and the only credential is, truly, having a “perfect smile.”

You’ve gotta have fantastic energy if you want to be chosen as a model for this nonunion teeth-themed job, as they’re looking for people with happy expressions.

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dollars per day for this shoot

The job will be primarily focusing on the smiles of the talent, and if you are booked, you will attend a video shoot where you will smile in different ways.

Stills from the video shoot will be used on the digital media platforms of the client.

Specific audition instructions will be provided upon applying for the role, and you will need to take a COVID test and quarantine before the shoot if you are booked.

The role pays $500 per day, with a $1300 buyout — plus, they whiten your teeth before the shoot (score).

The company is legit and has done some pretty cool work (which can be seen on their Instagram ).

People Have Taken To The Streets All Over Southern California In Protest Of Curfew (VIDEO) | News Break

People Have Taken To The Streets All Over Southern California In Protest Of Curfew (VIDEO) | News Break


Restrictions are raining down all over Los Angeles County as COVID-19 cases surge and some people are not happy about it one bit and are making that extremely known.

The whole state is currently under a ” limited stay at home order ” in which a 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. curfew is in place, and outdoor dining and gatherings in Los Angeles County are banned.

Protests have broken out all over Southern California, from outside the homes of Governor Gavin Newsom and LA County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer to public places like the Santa Monica Pier and Huntington Beach .

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This past weekend, people gathered in Beverly Hills, and an organizer called for people to protest the curfew later that evening in Santa Monica.

The protest was planned to happen at the Santa Monica Pier…which was closed.

This didn’t stop the protestors ( about 80 of them ) who instead walked around the downtown Santa Monica streets cheering.

A protester carried a boombox blasting “MAGA” themed songs as a man yelled into a megaphone, “Come on, guys, show me your energy! Freedom!”

The curfew protests started shortly after the 10 p.m. curfew was enacted in the state last week on November 21, with some gathering outside Gavin Newsom’s home that weekend.

People protested in Huntington Beach , waving both American and “Trump 2020” flags, on November 22.

The protest drew a big crowd, many of them running through the streets, blocking traffic and cheering.

A stricter “stay-at-home” lockdown order has not yet been issued in California, but the state is on the brink of one believed to be coming very soon .