Inter keen on Arsenal target Onana

The Italian champions are one of many clubs queuing up to sign the Cameroon keeper from the Amsterdam club

Inter have joined the race to sign Ajax’s Andre Onana, who has less than 12 months left on his current contract.

Arsenal, Tottenham, Lyon and Borussia Dortmund have all shown an interest in the Cameroon international in the last few months, but a doping ban has scuppered any possible moves.

The ban has since been reduced on appeal allowing the 25-year-old to play from November, and the Dutch giants are aware they are set to lose the goalkeeper and now target earning a fee from a January sale.

What have Ajax said?

Director of Football Marc Overmars spoke about his side’s former No 1: “You can never say never in football [about him renewing his contract], but at the moment I do not see that he extends his contract with us.

“We have been very clear. We have spent a lot of time negotiating to extend his contract, but it did not work. We then gave him the space to move during the summer and it did not work either. He can leave in January, otherwise he will leave for free next June.”

Who could win the race?

Arsenal have signed goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale for £24m ($33m) from Bournemouth after opting against a player subject to a FIFA ban.

They may yet look to Onana again should they opt to push Bernd Leno out in the coming months. Meanwhile, Onana’s agent Albert Botines has spoken publicly about a possible move to Lyon.

Equally, Dortmund and Tottenham have signed alternative options but Nuno Espirito Santo’s side have only added Pierluigi Gollini on loan from Atalanta – albeit with an option to buy at the end of the season.

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Onana was previously valued at around £15 million ($21m) but that price tag is likely to plummet in January with so little time left on his contract.

Although he is free to sign on a pre-contract ahead of a free transfer move in the summer from January 1, any club willing to pay a fee may steal a march to sign the shot stopper.

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Lukaku forced Inter’s hand in £98m Chelsea move

The Belgium international admits to having set his heart on a return to Stamford Bridge once it became apparent that interest was “serious”

Romelu Lukaku admits that he forced Inter’s hand once learning that interest from Chelsea was “serious” during the summer transfer window, with the Belgian striker determined to complete a £98 million ($136m) move.

That offer eventually proved to be enough for Serie A champions to part with a prized asset, with three previous bids being knocked back.

Lukaku started to fear that a deal would never be done, leading to him seeking out talks with those at the centre of discussions as his heart started to head back to Stamford Bridge.

What has been said?

Lukaku has told HLN of securing a return to Chelsea 10 years after he first linked up with the Blues: “With Chelsea’s third offer, I knew it was serious and I wasn’t there anymore.

“Chelsea offered €110m plus [Davide] Zappacosta, but Inter said no, so I went to [Simone] Inzaghi’s office asking to find an agreement.”

“I was still at Inter, but my head was already in London.

“Inter pulled me out of sh*t, I would have only left the Nerazzurri for Chelsea.”

Why did Chelsea want Lukaku?

Romelu Lukaku Chelsea 2021

Chelsea first signed Lukaku back in 2011 when he was a promising teenager that had burst onto a senior stage at Anderlecht.

He took in just 15 goalless appearances for the Blues before heading out on loan to West Brom and Everton, with a permanent move to Goodison Park made in 2014.

With his stock continuing to rise, a big-money switch to Manchester United was completed in 2017 and Lukaku went on to become a member of the Premier League’s 100-goal club.

His qualities were never fully appreciated at Old Trafford, though, and he left for Inter after two seasons with the Red Devils.

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Two productive years in Italy delivered 64 goals in 95 appearances, along with a Serie A title triumph, and those exploits convinced Chelsea that he was worth another shot.

The powerful 28-year-old is already up and running back in English football, with a debut goal recorded against Arsenal, and the expectation is that he will help to fire the Champions League holders into contention for a Premier League title in 2021-22.

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Ronaldo departure makes Inter Serie A favourites – Vieri

The former Nerazzurri star thinks Simeone Inzaghi can make sure the Scudetto returns to San Siro in 2021-22 now an arch rival has been weakened

Christian Vieri thinks Inter are favourites for the Serie A title following Cristiano Ronaldo’s departure from Juventus.

Ronaldo brought his three-year stay at Juve to an end by re-signing for Manchester United in a £20 million ($28m) deal on deadline day.

The Bianconeri slumped to a fourth-place finish in Serie A in the Portuguese’s final year in Turin, but he fired them to the Scudetto in both of his previous seasons and Vieri thinks his absence will give Inter an advantage as they bid to retain the trophy in 2021-22.

What has been said?

It has been suggested that the likes of Federico Chiesa and Paulo Dybala will step up to fill the void left by Ronaldo, but Vieri now believes Simeone Inzaghi has a stronger squad at his disposal at San Siro than Massimiliano Allegri has at Allianz Stadium.

“Who wins the Scudetto? Before Cristiano Ronaldo left I said: Juve attack stronger, Juve stronger,” the former Nerazzurri striker told Gazzetta dello Sport. “Now I put Inter in front. I’m not convinced when I hear speeches like ‘now Dybala, [Alvaro] Morata and Chiesa will give more.”

Juve managed to bring Moise Kean back to the club from Everton to bolster their attacking ranks after Ronaldo’s exit, but Vieri has major doubts over whether he can have a similar impact.

“When Ronaldo leaves, there is no better choice, someone else will have to score the goals he scored,” he added. “Kean? I don’t think so, but you have to judge him after a whole championship.”

Who do Inter have up front?

Inter lost their own talismanic figure in the summer transfer window, with Romelu Lukaku re-joining Chelsea for £98 million ($135m) after two impressive years in the Italian capital.

Lukaku scored 24 goals to help the Nerazzurri win the Scudetto for the first time in 11 years last term, but Inzaghi has been able to bring in Edin Dzeko from Roma as his replacement. Inter also still have Lautaro Martinez and Alexis Sanchez to call upon, while Joaquin Correa can provide extra support after joining the club on loan from Lazio.

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Asked whether Dzeko can pick up the mantle from Lukaku and be the difference-maker in the final third, Vieri replied: “Lukaku is irreplaceable, but Inter have taken Dzeko: he does not have the same physical power, he is six years older, but he is a technical forward, of the highest quality, he scores goals and makes the team play well.

“You can’t replace Lukaku, but you can try to replace him and Inter have done well with Dzeko.”

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Advantage Pumping Solutions Joins Harro Group

We’re excited to advise you that from 1st April 2020 you’ll be seeing more of the Harro Group brand.
We will continue to use the Advantage Pumping Solutions brand and Advantage will operate as a division the Harro Group banner.  Advantage Pumping Solutions has continued to achieve sustained growth and success and the focus of the brand will remain the same:
I am sure you’ll be pleased to know you’ll still have access to the same team that you know, trust and who have delivered the kind of excellent service we strive for. I’m sure you’ll also be reassured that there is no change of ownership or management in our businesses.
The Practicalities
With ever growing divisions we’ve decided the accounting and administrative functions for both divisions will be managed centrally, freeing up key people to focus on you and on delivering an even better service.  As from the 01st April 2020 we’ll be invoicing all our work under the Harro Group banner and would appreciate it if all payments are made to the Harro Group.  All bank details remain the same.
We’re excited about the opportunities we have for working and growing our relationship with you and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0844 414 6646 or email us at

The post Advantage Pumping Solutions Joins Harro Group appeared first on Advantage Pumping Solutions.

The post Advantage Pumping Solutions Joins Harro Group appeared first on Advantage – The Pump Experts.

Your pump problem FAQs answered

Pump systems are durable when correctly installed and maintained. However, you may still experience problems, as any machinery with moving components and consistent usage is liable to. If you’re having trouble with your pump, here are the answers to a few common questions.

1. Why is my pump noisier than usual?

Most pumps operate quietly and efficiently. This makes it easy to identify when it’s making an unusual level of noise. Common symptoms of pump problems include popping noises, along with squealing, growling, and grinding issues. A hydraulic drive motor can impede diagnosis with its volume of operation, so ensure that the noise is coming from the pump and not the motor.

2. Why has my pump stopped working?

There are several reasons why your pump may not be pumping effectively:

  • There isn’t enough water in the tank to allow it to pump safely.
  • You’re using small diameter pipes or pipes with elbows and check valves. This can increase flow resistance and stymie the flow until the pump ceases to operate properly.
  • If you’re using a suction pump, your lift displacement may be too great. In such a case, the water reservoir must be no more than 7 feet below the pump. More than this and the flow resistance can be too strong for the pump to operate effectively.
  • Your pump may have drawn an air pocket into the inlet which can prevent the pump operating and may also cause cavitation damage.

3. Why has my pump shaft broken?

There are several reasons your pump shaft may have failed:

  • The pump may have started or stopped suddenly.
  • Rapid engagement of a pump can twist the impeller from the shaft. This can damage the bearings of the shaft.
  • The impeller can cause the pump shaft to break and shift bearings to wear away when water flow is ceased suddenly.
  • An unbalanced impeller or a damaged one contributes to the shaft weakening over time and its subsequent failure.

4. What happens if the pump runs dry?

A pump works with its shaft and impeller spinning rapidly. If there is no water for them to move then the energy they contain is released as heat. Without water in the system consistently, the interior moving parts will grow hot and damage the pump.

The post Your pump problem FAQs answered appeared first on Advantage Pumping Solutions.

The post Your pump problem FAQs answered appeared first on Advantage – The Pump Experts.

6 ways to save energy when you’re moving water with a pumping system

Pump stations are required when water needs to be pumped from a low level up to a higher one to flow into a water system. They work by increasing pressure and forcing water through the resistance in its path. They’re vital pieces of equipment for distributing clean water and removing wastewater, along with having numerous functions in industry.

All this takes energy. In a world where we’re increasingly aware of energy efficiency, all businesses are conscious of their responsibilities. An inescapable fact is that pumps contribute significantly to a carbon footprint:

  • Pumps account for up to 10% of the world’s energy consumption
  • 60% of pumps use up to 60% more energy than they should
  • High efficiency pumps could reduce global electricity consumption by 4%

Here are 6 ways to save energy and reduce your pump’s carbon footprint:

1. Choose the most efficient pump for the application

The design stage of pump development often results in oversizing. This is due to the practice of adding multiple safety factors, and can be a result of the manufacturer failing to tailor a pump to its optimal level. In addition to size, pumps need to be carefully selected and designed to take into account the power and speed requirements, along with the type of drive, mechanical seal, and other ancillary equipment.

2. Minimise the pressure drop in the system

Optimising your pipe system is as crucial as optimising your pump. A drop in system pressure can be affected by factors such as flow rate, pipe size, length and characteristics, and the type of fluid being pumped. Manufacturers will optimise your pipes as part of a complete pumping solution.

3. Use control valves effectively

Flow and/or pressure is controlled by control valves within a pumping station. Energy losses are prevented with valves by their capacity to throttle and bypass flow. This keeps flow at its optimal level and doesn’t waste energy.

4. Choose the best pump seals

Sealing systems, including static and dynamic seals, have an impact on pump efficiency. They lose energy through mechanical friction, in addition to the energy leaks between the pump suction and pump discharge units. There are significant energy savings to be made from choosing proper pump seals with a record in high efficiency.

5. Maintain the pump properly

In a piece of machinery with moving parts and high quantities of fluid passing through, the need for regular maintenance is paramount to continued effectiveness. An engineer will be able to identify problem areas from their inspection, including common issues such as rotor erosion. Preventative and predictive maintenance can minimise any drop in efficiency caused by these problems.

6. Eliminate any unnecessary uses

This is where utilising the services of experienced pump designers and manufacturers can improve your carbon footprint. They will be able to ensure that there are efficiency measures are built into your system, including shutting down unnecessary pumps when flow requirements alter.

The post 6 ways to save energy when you’re moving water with a pumping system appeared first on Advantage Pumping Solutions.

The post 6 ways to save energy when you’re moving water with a pumping system appeared first on Advantage – The Pump Experts.

Why is my pump noisier than usual?

Pumps and pump systems are highly durable when correctly installed and maintained. However, you may still experience problems, as any machinery with moving components and continuous usage is subject to wear and tear.

Most pumps operate quietly and efficiently, so when a pump starts making an unusual level of noise it usually raises concern. A noisy pump is often a sign of an underlying problem. Any unusual noises should be investigated to prevent long term damage and avoid pump failure. Common symptoms of pump problems include popping noises, along with squealing, growling, and grinding issues.

Possible causes of noisy pump faults

• Air in the pump system or the pump is self-venting.
• Inlet pressure is too low
• Water in the system is overheating
• Bearings are failing or worn down
• Blockages in the system
• Cavities occurring in the pump fluid
• Flow turbulence and pressure fluctuations
• Damaged or inadequate filter

Because most pumps function quietly it can be easy to identify the source of the problem by the type of noise or where the noise is coming from. Before disassembling and inspecting the pump we can take the following investigative actions:

• Check the pump motor to make sure the noise is coming from the pump not the motor
• Using a listening device to compare the noise levels on the pump volute and the bearing housing.
• Change the suction pressure and listen for a change in the noise.
• Check flow rates with a flow meter or by opening a drain valve.

How to fix a noisy pump

Once the source of the noise has been identified the issue can be repaired, cleaned or replaced.

Pump Repairs

• Inspected and bleed the system.
• Replace wearing parts like bearings
• Clean out the pump system to remove blockages
• Clean or replace valves and pipework
• Replace damaged parts like impellers and filters
• Adjust pressures, temperatures or speeds
• Replace pump

Unusual noise may also signify a mechanical or electrical problem with the pump which will require further investigation by an engineer.

Harroquip’s pump engineers are experienced in identifying and resolving pump problems. Repairs can be carried out on most types of pumps in our fully equipped workshop. Alternatively, if repairs need to be carried out onsite our pump engineers will come to you.

As an independent pump supplier, we stock many OEM replacement parts and can get your pump back up and running quickly and efficiently.

If you are experiencing unusual levels of noise from your pump contact us today on 01482 213 500 and talk to a pump expert.

The post Why is my pump noisier than usual? appeared first on Harroquip – The Pump Experts.

The post Why is my pump noisier than usual? appeared first on Harroquip – The Pump Experts.

Why has my pump shaft broken?

The pump shaft is designed to transmit the drive torque to the impellers or rotary parts. The shaft is a central component of centrifugal pumps and rotary positive displacement pumps. Effective working order of the pump shaft relies on a number of variables including temperature, corrosion, metallurgy, bearing location and size, impellers and couplings, axial and radial hydraulic forces and rotary speed. Which means when a pump shaft fails, there could be a number of contributing factors.

Common Reasons for Pump Shaft Failures

• Sudden starting or stopping of a pump can damage the pump shaft.
• Rapid engagement of a pump can twist the impeller from the shaft, damaging the shaft bearings.
• Interruption to water flow can affect the impeller and cause the pump shaft to break and wear away shaft bearings.
• An unbalanced or damaged impeller contributes to the weakening of the shaft over time and its subsequent failure.

If you are experiencing issues with your pump shaft or are concerned about the effects of long term wear and tear on your pump, contact us today on 01482 213 500 and talk to a pump expert.

The post Why has my pump shaft broken? appeared first on Harroquip – The Pump Experts.

The post Why has my pump shaft broken? appeared first on Harroquip – The Pump Experts.

Open for Business – Covid-19 Update

We are still open for pump sales and installation, technical support and emergency repairs.

Additional precautions are in place to ensure the safety of our engineers and our customers in response to Covid-19.

The Harro Group of organisations comprising Harroquip Pump Supplies and Advantage Pump Solutions remain fully operational despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

The health and safety of our employees, customers and suppliers is a priority and we are taking care to follow government and industry guidelines to protect against the virus.

We have systems in place for our customer service and technical teams to work remotely and meet virtually where possible. For our essential onsite workers we have procedures and practices in place to limit the risk to our employees to the greatest extent possible.

Site visits are restricted to pump installations and repairs. Technical support is still available by phone, email and video calls where possible to minimise travel and avoid unnecessary risk to all parties.

Our warehouse remains stocked with pumps, spares and accessory parts. If you experience a pump breakdown or failure we can quickly offer a replacement pump, replacement parts or a repair service. Please call us on 01482 213550 to talk to one of our pump engineers.

We are in regular contact with our pump manufacturers and our supply chain remains open and as close to normal as possible. Delivery times and installation lead times will be assessed on a project by project basis.

If you have any questions about our Covid-19 policies and practices please get in touch.

The post Open for Business – Covid-19 Update appeared first on Harroquip – The Pump Experts.

The post Open for Business – Covid-19 Update appeared first on Harroquip – The Pump Experts.